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Welcome to Total Tattoo Removal Perth

Some people get tattoos as a sign of unity with a group of peers.

Some people get them because they want to express themselves.

Some get tattoos as a memento of a life lesson, a reminder of something or someone that was of great importance to them.

Some get the names of their loved ones or significant others as tattoos, as a testament to their long-term commitment.

Some get them because they're too drunk to be thinking about what they're doing.

For one reason or another, even the most profound reason to get a tattoo might be changed into a reason to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The life-changing event might have turned out to be a fraud.

The significant other might have split from the party in less than friendly terms.

They might find the tattoo problematic later on in life due to a skin condition, or simply because their tastes have moved on.

When that happens, the next step is Perth tattoo removal.Total Tattoo Removal Perth is going to be your best friend when that happens! We can get rid of that tattoo in one of two ways, depending on what you like. One possible way you can "remove" an old tattoo is to do what's known as a cover-up.

The process involves getting a skilled tattoo artist to "draw" over the unwanted tattoo, replacing it with a new design that's better or more suited to your tastes. The best examples of this form of Perth tattoo removal make the old tattoo invisible using darker tones.Some of the best tattoo artists might also try to weave the new design and integrate the old one, blurring the offending image.

By the end, the old tattoo is still visible, but no longer recognizable for what it was and is just another part of the design of the new tattoo. For people with huskier skin, this is a good option, since darker inks don't show up as well.However, if you just want to move on from the tattoo, Total Tattoo Removal Perth recommends the use of laser tattoo removal.

Laser removal uses lasers – thus the name – to break down the ink particles in the tattoo.The ink loses integrity and is no longer visible, with the particles being fought off by the immune system.The process is an accelerated version of the natural fading that exposure to the sun over time would create.

Some pigments, particularly the yellows and greens, are much harder to remove with a laser, while darker colors like blues and blacks are often easier.Laser tattoo removal isn't a one-and-done thing but instead requires repeat visits.

Newer lasers, like the ones in Total Tattoo Removal Perth's facilities, are faster than the older ones and leave scars only in rare instances, but they still take time. If you've got a thick skin, you're also more likely to get scarring because of the removal process.The number of sessions you'll need for Perth tattoo removal can vary, but they will take a long time.

Factors such as skin color, the location of the tattoo (extremities tend to take longer), and even how long the tattoo has been on the skin can all have an effect. The colors and the amount of ink in the tattoo can also have an effect, potentially prolonging the process or requiring more sessions.To make sure the skin heals completely after a session, they need to a space of about seven weeks apart.

Any closer and you could risk skin conditions without any corresponding benefit since frequent sessions don't help the body absorb the ink. As the tattoos fade, there might be recommendations of sitting out months between treatments to avoid side effects.Fair warning from your friends at Total Tattoo Removal Perth – laser removal hurts, and it's often said to be worse than getting the tattoo in the first place.

Depending on the pain threshold of the individual, we might recommend getting anesthetics. Local anesthetics are standard procedure, since not that many folks can take that kind of pain.The use of an anesthetic will be waived only in rare instances.Anesthetic creams see use pre-treatment, but most prefer to use an injected anesthetic administered locally.

After the treatment, there will be slight discoloration, which is often also elevated.Pinpoint bleeding might occur due to injuries caused by the laser tattoo removal, a side effect of how the laser light interacts with the pigments.The crust that forms after will usually slough off in two weeks after the treatment completes, though some residual tattoo pigment might remain.

Post-operative wound care is essential and is typically straightforward.Care for it like any other injury, making sure to use a non-occlusive dressing. You won't need topical antibiotics for laser tattoo removal, and you might, in fact, get an allergic reaction if you use them.

The fading will complete itself over an eight week period on average, but a re-treatment can be applied depending on the response.Please note that Total Tattoo Removal Perth will be brutally honest if the tattoo is impossible to remove entirely.There are some instances when this is the case, such as if the ink is too new or individual colors and color combinations. Some inks and pigments can also be difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

We want you walking into the process with a clear idea of what's possible and what isn't. We'll work at total laser tattoo removal in all instances, but we'll tell you if that can't happen or if there's a difficulty that you need to know before you begin.We are the friendliest and most reliable Perth tattoo removal service, and we're completely honest about how long the process might take.We're not going to tell you we can get rid of it in a single session unless that's true.Instead, we'll give you an accurate assessment of how long we expect the process to take and how many times you'll need to come in.

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