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About Total Tattoo Removal Perth.

Total Tattoo Removal Perth – your friendly neighborhood laser tattoo removal specialist!

For the past decade, we've been operating as a quiet little Perth tattoo removal shop. Our location in the heart of the metropolitan area means we're easy to find, and our doors are welcome for anyone who needs to have old ink removed or covered up.

Coming Soon.. Our focus is on the use of laser tattoo removal, with technicians and experts that will use the latest technologies to burn away that unwanted tattoo and give you clear, ink-less skin.

Our crew is experienced and has the best tools, so the only thing you have to worry about is recovering after the sessions are complete.

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking down the pigments in the skin.

The breakdown is a natural process that happens due to exposure to the environment and sunlight.

What the lasers do is accelerate it, so what would normally take years to happen instead occurs in a matter of sessions.

Laser light breaks down the molecules of the ink, causing them to fade and eventually disappear. With some time to rest between sessions, the skin can rest and recover from the lasers. The rest time is necessary because it allows the body to absorb the particles and dispose of them.

Total Tattoo Removal Perth believes in affordable, reasonable pricing.

We start at $85.00 per session, adjusting only for special cases like a very large tattoo or other mitigating factors.

Of course, we also offer some discounts – if you walk in with a friend who also needs laser tattoo removal, we'll shave 22% off the cost! Subsequent discounts apply if you come in with a large group in need of removal! Total Tattoo Removal Perth understands that getting a tattoo removed is a major commitment.

Sessions can have as long as seven weeks between them, and bigger tattoos require a lot of time spent under the laser.In case you're not sure yet, we also offer consultations. You can walk in and ask questions, learn about the process, and decide for yourself. /p>

We also work with tattoo artists in the Perth area, in case you decide that a laser treatment isn't the best choice for you. We can recommend talented artists who can do beautiful cover-ups of existing tattoos.

If you need a quote, you can send us a picture of the tattoo at our e-mail or by using the online contact form. We'll get back to you with an approximate cost of Perth tattoo removal based on the picture you provided!

Total Tattoo Removal Perth also offers advice and materials for the care of the affected area after a session. We'll tell you all the ins and outs of wound care, and how to avoid any injuries or side effects after the laser sessions.

As the best Perth tattoo removal shop, we take pride in never leaving the skin of our clients worse off than when we walked in. Our record is injury and complication-free, and we aim to keep it that way!

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